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ABS (Advanced Bonding System) - A family of heavy duty double sided tapes. They include ProLink, TransLink and FlexLink Tape.

Adhesive – Something that can stick fast or with ease to a surface.

Adhesive Area – The size of the ‘sticky’ area.

APET Plastic – (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic is an environmentally friendly, recycled, clear plastic.

ATG Tapes – These are adhesive tape products typically used to stick paper and card surfaces together.

Auto Buttons – Also known as snap rivets, these are clear plastic buttons that are made from polypropylene, used to join together corrugated cardboard or plastic board.


Banner Tapes – Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These tapes reinforce the edge of a banner so that it can be hung without a hem needing to be sewn.


Ceiling Buttons – An adhesive or clip on button with a hook or a loop which can be used to hold up banners hung from the ceilings. They are designed to be used with hanging display hooks.

Ceiling T Grids – Often secondary ceilings are used to hide or conceal any pipes, vents and wiring. A Ceiling T Grid is the structural grid holding the secondary ceiling in place. It is a structure which items such as signs can be hung from.

Clip Strips – An eye level display mechanism, consisting of a vertical plastic strip with a series of hooks to hang small products on to be displayed clearly. Used commonly in shop point of sale areas to hang products such as sweets.

Closed Side – On double sided tape, when the roll is being unravelled, this is the side of the tape with a liner.

Corrugated Shelf Clip – These are used to build shelves, dumpbins and displays out of corrugated card.


Double Sided Sticky Tapes - Sticky on both sides, this type of tape is used to hold two items together and is often not visible because of this.

Dwell Recommendations – The amount of time you need to wait for an adhesive to stick before you apply weight or pressure.


Eurohole – The standard size hole for all hanging packaging in Europe. Its measurements are 32 mm x 6.5 mm x 9 mm.


Finger Lift Tape – A specific type of double sided tape with a film liner which is very easy to remove.

Flushedge Tape - A hand tearable double sided tape.


Handing Display Rods – Used to hang banners or posters at lower level rather than at ceiling height.

Hang Tabs – A die cut piece of plastic with a self adhesive area which can be attached to point of sale products.

Hanging Display Hooks – Used to hang posters and banners from ceiling buttons. These hooks are available as S shaped hooks, C shaped hooks or as clips.

Heavy Duty Hang Tabs – Stronger and thicker plastic hang tabs that allow heavier products to be displayed.

Hem – The folded edge of a piece of material, such as a banner. A hem strengthens the edge of the material

High Bond Tapes – These are strong tapes that are used mostly to adhere glass, plastics and steel. Commonly used in the sign industry where extra strength is needed.

High Tack – If a tape is ‘high tack’, it means that it is a very sticky, permanent tape which is not repositionable.

Hook and Loop – Another name for velcro tape. Hook refers to the rough strip and loop refers to the soft side.


Injection Molded Plastic - A type of plastic defined by how it is shaped when liquid plastic is injected into a mold of the finished product.

Invisible Bond Line ­– A tape which leaves an invisible bond line is a tape which cannot be seen once applied.


Liner ­– The non-adhesive film which is stuck to one of the sticky sides of double sided tape. This film is not used but is removed and discarded once the tape has been applied.

Low Tack – If a tape is ‘low tack’, it will be less sticky; allowing repositioning or removal without leaving too much residue.


Magnetically Receptive Surfaces – A surface which a magnet will be attracted and stick to.

Micron – An abbreviation for a Micrometer. 1 Micron is the equivalent length to 0.001 millimeters. There are 1,000 Microns in 1 mm.


Open Side – On double sided tape, when the roll is being unravelled, this is the side of the tape without a liner.


Permanent Tape – A permanent tape will not be repositionable once applied.

Plastic S Hooks – Used for linking signs and other point of sale products such as hanging displays.

Polyart – An environmentally friendly synthetic paper.

POS – Point of Sale or POP, Point of Purchase. The area around a store checkout or till where payment is made. This can also include shop shelving.

Pressure Sensitive – A term relating to tapes. A pressure sensitive tape will allow you to position and reposition the tape until you apply a pressure to it, then it will be permanently stuck down.

PVC – (Polyvinyl Chloride) The world’s 3rd most used plastic.


Rec Display Weight – The maximum recommended weight of a product which can be hung using a particular hangtab or other device.

Removable Tape – A temporary tape which can be removed after application. Some residue may be left behind after application onto various different materials.

Repositionable Tape – Tape which you can place and then pull up and replace.

Residue – The sticky substance left on a surface when adhesive tape is removed. High tack tape will leave a lot of residue and low tack tape will leave none or very little residue.

Rolls Per Carton (RPC) – Displays the number of rolls of tape per carton. A particular tape may only be available for purchase in whole carton quantities.


Scrim Tape – A high tack adhesive tape which gets its strength from the fiberglass running through the tape. It is ideal for adhering textiles, metals, plastics, wood, brick, cardboard and foam.

Self-Adhesive – An adhesive that does not need moisture to stick to a surface but often requires pressure to be applied.

Steel Tape – A thin strip of steel with adhesive tape on one side. This tape is applied to non-magnetic surfaces so that magnets can be hung on them.

Substrate – The surface which you are trying to stick to.


Tissue Tape – This tape has a tissue base and is often double sided. It can bond easily to metals, ceramic, plastics, glass, paper, and fabrics.

Toffee Tape – These are high strength flexible bonding tapes with a rubber resin adhesive. It’s called toffee tape because of its high tack.

UV – (Ultra Violet) Invisible rays of light, present in sunlight which cause materials to weaken or adhesives to yellow and lose their stick.


UV Resistant – A tape or adhesive which does not degrade when exposed to UV light.


Wetting Properties – A material with wetting properties which will shed water droplets rather than absorbing them.

Wobblers – Shelf edge advertising for products, in the form of a plastic shape with product or offer information which dangles from the shelf edge catching the eye of customers.