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400g RDW

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Our 5342 is part of our Flexi tail Hang Tab range. A strong 275 Micron APET (can also be produced out of 200 or 230 Micron APET) with a high tack adhesive. With a 400g recommended display weight, it is ideal for use of hanging many products in store, on peg hooks or clips strips.

As the APET material we use is virtually crystal clear, using our Hang Tabs will not affect or cover any of your product or brand when displayed in store. A combination of the high quality APET and Adhesive we use on our Hang Tab range will keep your product hanging in the most difficult of retail environments.

We can produce our Flexi tail Hang Tabs in a range of formats;

  • Rolls (100, 500 or 1000 pcs per roll)
  • Sheets
  • Cut Parts
  • Automated applicator machine
5342 Flexi
275 Clear Micron APET
53mm x 43mm | Adhesive area 43mm x 30mm

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