Here at POS Tapes we are fully committed to eco friendly biodegradable* plastic products so we are very excited to bring you our new Eco Friendly Range of Hang Tabs.

As one of the worlds leading producers of Hang Tabs, we are extremely excited to assist with the global efforts to reduce carbon footprint and assist with the POS and POP industry in hand.

Our Biodegradable Hang Tabs are produced using the Change Plastic for Good®, BDP™ additive.

What is BDP™?:

Change Plastic for Good® offers a range of biodegradation-enhancing polymers and renewable resins that apply to a specific end-of-life scenario for plastic, rubber, foam, fabric and coated paper waste.

BDP is an organic biodegradation-enhancing ingredient that is added into plastic during manufacturering. Once the treated products enter landfills, soil and oceans, it attracts microbes to consume the plastic over time.

In Short:

Ingredients in BDP™ accelerate the biodegradation of otherwise non-biodegradable plastics by providing a foothold for colonies of microorganisms. This foothold allows the microorganisms. This foothold allows the microorganisms to begin metabolizing the treated plastics.

To know more about Change Plastic for Good® and BDP™, please visit our parents webpage for full detail

Our Biodegradable Hang Tabs Range:

  • 0347
  • 0349
  • 0377
  • 5342
  • ADT02


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