Our range of Tissue Tapes

17th May 2023

Our best-selling double sided tape range, Tissue Tapes are produced with a flexible non-woven tissue carrier coated with a range different performance grade adhesives, to ensure we provide the correct performance grade tissue tape for all applications.

Our Tissue Tapes are ideal for time critical work due to the nature of the carrier (tissue), they are hand tear able which will speed your production line up and eradicate the need for blades or scissors.

Perfect for many applications within the retail, print and point of sale industry.

We offer in any bespoke widths from 6mm up to 1250mm wide and we can produce with any meterage per roll from 10 meters up to 300 meter rolls. A Finger lift liner is also available to again, ease the use in application.

Our Tissue Tape Range is;

  • 1001 – General Purpose
  • 1002 – General Purpose
  • 7001 – Standard Grade, High Performance
  • 7001FL – Standard Grade, High Performance
  • 7003 – Premium Grade, High Performance
  • Nitto 500 – Premium Grade, High Performance
  • 812- Premium Grade, High Performance
  • 424 – Premium Grade, High Performance

Please see our webpage link: https://www.postapes.co.uk/products/adhesive-products/tissue-tapes/