8440 Eco Clear Self-Adhesive Disc

Our 8440 Eco Compostable discs are the perfect product for sealing and securing packaging and offering the important Eco Friendly and Compostable solution to your packaging.

Produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. The film complies to EN13432 standards for composting and is OK Compost and OK Compost Home certified.

The adhesive is an acrylic based adhesive and is also OK Compost certified adhesive.

For more detailed information on our 8440 Eco Compostable Discs, please contact our sales executives.



Our 5342 is part of our Flexi tail Hang Tab range. A strong 275 Micron APET (can also be produced out of 200 or 230 Micron APET) with a high tack adhesive. With a 400g recommended display weight, it is ideal for use of hanging many products in store, on peg hooks or clips strips.

As the APET material we use is virtually crystal clear, using our Hang Tabs will not affect or cover any of your product or brand when displayed in store. A combination of the high quality APET and Adhesive we use on our Hang Tab range will keep your product hanging in the most difficult of retail environments.

We can produce our Flexi tail Hang Tabs in a range of formats;

  • Rolls (100, 500 or 1000 pcs per roll)
  • Sheets
  • Cut Parts
  • Automated applicator machine


Our Hang Tab Church style is perfect for displaying on rounded pegs in store or a retail display.

350 Micron APET with a clear high performance adhesive, it has a 250g recommended display weight.

Produced on rolls with a standard 1000 pcs but bespoke quantity per roll can be produced.



Our ADT02 Hang Tab is our most popular rigid euro slot hang tab.

Available in 350 or 280 micron clear APET with our premium transparent adhesive.


Our 0370 Round Hole Church Style Hang Tab is produced on 280 clear Micron APET with our transparent premium adhesive.

36 pcs per sheet and 14 sheet per pack.


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The 0365 is a perfect fold up hang tab. A 32mm x 11mm adhesive strip either side of the euro slot enables the tab to be folded up and down if needed through storage or transit.




0362 Hang Tab is a T Shape format (Narrow Slots) are the perfect Hang Tab when the packaging area for the tab is smaller, yet the tab is required to hold a desired weight.

Produced in 300 or 400 micron clear APET with our premium adhesive. With 500 or 1000 pcs per roll


The 0357 is our premium Hang Tab hook. Available in 400 or 500 clear APET thickness with a clear premium adhesive.

Produced in sheet format with 20 pcs per sheet and 20 sheets per pack.



Our 0359 Hang Tab comes in sheet format. in either 400 or 500 Micron clear APET.

With our premium adhesive, the 0359 will provide a impressive 400g recommend display weight.