Our 33PP Perm / Peel Foam Tape  is ideal foam tape for temporary point of sales display and advertising applications.

The 33PP is a 1mm double sided PE foam tape with a differentiated adhesive, as below;

  • Closed side = Peel able adhesive
  • Open side = Permanent adhesive

The aggressive permanent adhesive on the open side allows to bond to many POS materials and provide a secure bond and the extremely peel able adhesive on the closed side allows to then peel away from most surfaces leaving no adhesive residue.


Our extensive range of Wobblers provides you with a wide range of styles to suit your display requirements and increase visibility of your promotional information on the front of shelf displays in-store.

Our 200mm Range are our popular size wobblers, stock lines for express delivery.

can be packed into bags of 100 or bulk boxed with 1000, 5000 or 10,000 pcs per box


3M ATG Adaptor Kit

for use with 6mm x 3mm and 6mm a 50m AT Tape.

Only to be used with the 3M ATG Dispenser.

3M ATG Dispenser

The quick and easy way to apply double sided adhesive transfer tape for many applications. Will accept 50m rolls with an adaptor available for 6mm wide rolls.

UKIT ATG Dispenser

The quick and easy way to apply double sided adhesive transfer tapes for any applications. Will accept 50m rolls.


Our 0345 is part of our Flexi tail Hang Tab range. A strong 275 Micron APET with a high tack adhesive, our 0345 is our bestselling Hang Tab. With a 400g recommended display weight, it is ideal for use of hanging many products in store, on peg hooks or clips strips.

Due to the flexibility of our hang tabs, the tab can fold down during shipping and folded back up when it is required for use in store.

As the APET material we use is clear, using our Hang Tabs will not affect or cover any of your product or brand when displayed in store. A combination of the high quality APET and Adhesive we use on our Hang Tab range will keep your product hanging in the most difficult of retail environments.

We can produce our Flexi tail Hang Tabs in a range of formats;

  • Rolls (100, 500 or 1000 pcs per roll)
  • Sheets
  • Cut Parts

470 Tan Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Our Hot Melt Glue Guns and Glue Sticks are ideal for quick and efficient bonding of wood, card and board. Hot Melt Glue is ideal for bonding FSDU, Dump Bin Displays and many POS applications where an effective instant bond is needed.

470 is a high performance universal adhesive for pottery, wood, plastic, and difficult materials. This is our recommended adhesive for any demanding POS applications.

Magnetic Square

Indoor only – Self-adhesive foam backed magnet.

Available in circle or square shape.

Plastic Crimped S Hook

We offer a range of Plastics Hooks in a number of sizes to suit your requirement. This inject moulded product is available in white as standard but clear and any RAL Colour are available.

The Hooks work perfectly with our range of Clip Strips. We offer the white Plastic Hooks packaged in bags of 100, 500 or 1000 pcs per bag.

Spine Tape

As the UK’s leading producer and supplier of Spine Tape (Bookbinding Tape), we offer our range in a number of colours (Black, White, Blue, Green, Red) and width to suit all requirements.