Our 33PP Perm / Peel Foam Tape  is ideal foam tape for temporary point of sales display and advertising applications.

The 33PP is a 1mm double sided PE foam tape with a differentiated adhesive, as below;

  • Closed side = Peel able adhesive
  • Open side = Permanent adhesive

The aggressive permanent adhesive on the open side allows to bond to many POS materials and provide a secure bond and the extremely peel able adhesive on the closed side allows to then peel away from most surfaces leaving no adhesive residue.

811 Range

Our 811 was specifically developed for POS applications when a permanent fix is required in a internal environment, also used for temporary outdoor use.

Our 811 is a double sided PE foam tape with a modified acrylic adhesive system, available in 1mm thick, in white and with a white (Kraft paper, 80 gsm) release liner.

Providing a high level of initial tack, combined with its superior bonding characteristics, the 811 is ideal for a vast range of indoor POS bonding applications.