As one of the leading manufactures of Shelf Wobblers worldwide, POS Tapes offer an extensive range of styles with every product manufactured by us. Over the last 15 years we have developed and expanded our range and now offer one of the UK’s Largest ranges of Shelf Wobblers.

We pride ourselves on high product quality at competitive pricing, along with extremely good customer service, all to ensure you receive the very best product available.

As manufactures we have the capacity to product any specific style you require, so if you can’t find a product you need please contact us.

We produce and pack our Wobblers as;

  • Cuts parts
  • Sheets
  • Bags of 100
  • Bulk packed with 500, 1000 or 5000 per box

Please see pages 18 & 19 in our Edition 5 product brochure –  POS Edition 05 brochure

If you have any questions about our Wobblers please contact our Sales and Technical department who will offer expert advice on our products range.